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What was your favorite book as a child? 

Do your kids have a book that they enjoy over and over again? 

Create the same delightful reading adventure for children who have no books of their own, launching them on a journey of enjoying a lifetime of reading. 

Join us in fostering a love of books and encouraging literacy for children in need. It is the best way to break the relentless cycle of illiteracy and poverty. We can make a big impact on these kids, their future and ultimately, on our community and our society as a whole. 

Encourage others to support literacy by joining our mailing list, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. 

To learn about opportunities to make a difference, add us to your address book, [email protected].  

Bring family, friends, and co-workers to our volunteer events because the one way to make these fulfilling experiences even more meaningful is to share them with the people in your life. 

Thanks for spreading the word about the power of reading and the magic of giving.

Together, we can change the story. 


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Better With Books
Providing brand new children's books to underserved communities