Reading With Your Kids - Just Do It!!!

The joy of reading with my son is immeasurable.  It is one of my most cherished rituals.  We have so much fun reading together, taking turns acting out dialogue, and coming up with alternate scenarios to the story.  They say every stage of a child's development is special.  It is true.  

I can remember reading to him as an infant knowing that he might not have any idea what I was saying but that we were bonding. The fact that I was reading to him meant he had a better shot at developing speech down the road.  As he grew and began to understand and recognize images and words, we were able to interact in new ways.  It has paid off for sure. His vocabulary and comprehension are beyond his age, not too mention his level of confidence. Adults take for granted all the knowledge we have acquired and we forget children are learning things for the first time. We have an opportunity to shape their feelings about learning and set them up to have a positive approach to education. Don't we all want a bright future for our kids?

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