Our Mission

BETTER WITH BOOKS is dedicated to fostering a love of reading in children in need and to providing volunteers with the hands-on transformational experience of making a difference in our community.  

When Better With Books was founded in 1993, we were eager to improve the lives of underserved children and children living below the poverty line.  We had a dynamic group of women and the desire and energy to make a big difference.  As literacy is one of the best predictors of a child’s future success in school and in life, this became our path to making a meaningful and lasting impact in our community.  Studies show the most significant way to improve literacy levels of low-income children is to increase their access to books, so putting brand new books into the hands of children in need became our passion. 

Our motto is, “Give a child a book, change the world.”  We give the gift of reading to underprivileged children in Los Angeles’ neediest neighborhoods where most families own no books at all.  Every child deserves the magic of books and the possibilities created through reading – one of the most powerful tools for improving their lives.  

Our programs excite kids about learning and inspire them to become lifelong readers.  We have placed over 150,000 brand new books into the hands of delighted children.  We give each child a book chosen especially for them.  For most, this is the first book they have ever owned.  We have built 280 Little Libraries for nonprofit organizations throughout our community that serve childre in need, reaching countless thousands of children and families each year.   

We believe our books and libraries help inspire thinkers and dreamers.  It is through reading that the next generation of healers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, innovators, and philanthropists will be created.

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Better With Books
Providing brand new children's books to underserved communities