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shy_guy_cropped_NO_BG_eric_edit_NEW_WORDS_GROW.jpgEach year Better With Books provides thousands of brand new books to kids living below the poverty line in LA’s neediest neighborhoods. For many, it is the first book they've ever owned.

Help give kids in need the key skill to improve their lives - reading - so they can contribute to society and make our shared future brighter. We can change the story!  

Come join us, bring the people you care about, and experience the magic of hands-on volunteering and making a difference in our community. There are lots of opportunities to help! 

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Questions?  Email us at events <at> 

Can't participate? Donate here.

$5 will delight a child with a new book to call their own.

$25 opens the door to the world of stories for a dozen children.

$50 puts books in the hands of twenty eager readers.


For December 2019, our Holiday Book Giveaway will be managed through our longstanding nonprofit partner, One Voice.

For information about volunteer opportunities, please visit their website here.


Looking for other wonderful ways to help over the holidays? Check out The Holiday List by our friends at Big Sunday for endless opportunities to make a difference. 




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Better With Books
Providing brand new children's books to underserved communities