A simple way to make a huge impact.

BETTER WITH BOOKS combines the immense impact of putting books in the hands of kids in need with the magical experience of hands-on volunteering. 

Joining us at one of our events means kneeling down to give a four-year-old a book and getting a hug that in every sense nearly knocks you over.

Putting a brand new book in the hands of a child who has never owned a book means seeing their face light up so brightly it warms your heart.

Bringing toddlers the excitement of their first picture book means making ABCs and 123s fun to learn. 

This making a real difference in the lives of real people. And it feels great. 

You’ll learn, as we all have, that we’re not helpless in the face of the issues that plague our society and our community. You can change the world. 

Discover how your one action, like a pebble in a pond, has infinite impact. 

Giving books to kids in Los Angeles’ most underserved communities, we also give their parents big hugs and warm holiday wishes. Year after year, there is an outpouring of thank you letters from the parents expressing how much it meant that people came to their neighborhood, acknowledged them, embraced them and lifted their spirits in tough times. They tell us that they want most is the opportunity to do the same someday.  

Working side by side with your own children carrying, sorting and boxing books helps them realize that there are kids who aren’t as fortunate as they are and who have no books. Faster than you can imagine, you’ve created the next generation of activists and philanthropists. Your child will be every bit as excited to be giving as the kids who are receiving the books. 

That’s the real secret – you get something every bit as valuable as the people who are getting. Being hands-on to make a difference is a truly transformational experience. It is uplifting, inspiring, and heartwarming. 

Come join us, bring the people you care about, and experience this magic together. 


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Better With Books
Providing brand new children's books to underserved communities